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Doritos Bag for Redshift and Octane

Doritos Bag with materials for both Octane and Redshift. Enjoy!

The Spiral City Subway – Project File

NOTE: please read the information below before purchasing. ๐Ÿ™‚*This scene was created in 3ds max 2020 and rendered in Octane Render 4( 3ds Max...

Artstation – Antennas part 2

Artstation - Antennas part 2 - 20 pieces by Armen Manukyan20 pieces antennas 3D models Formats: max(2018), blend(2.8) , fbx, stl and obj fileshttps://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/nbGw/antennas-20-pieces-part-2 

Artstation – Antennas part 1

Artstation - Antennas part 1 - 20 pieces by Armen Manukyan20 pieces antennas 3D models Formats: blend(2.8) and obj fileshttps://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/xlpJ/antennas-20-pieces-part-1 

Kitbash3d โ€“ Veh Drones

Whether youโ€™re creating modern day warfare environments or futuristic worlds ruled by police states with crowded buzzing skies, this pack gives you all the...

SPACESUIT China Feitian 3D model

FEITIAN china Space suit for Extra vechicular activity EVA modeled in high precision.this is a mix between several references i found, some parts are...

Evermotion โ€“ Archmodels Vol. 212 โ€“ Vray Only

Archmodels vol. 212 includes 20 professional, highly detailed 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with 20 sets of high quality garden modules...

Real Displacement Textures โ€“ RDT Collection SIX

Info: COLLECTION 6 includes 30 of our highend scans !! We included a variety of rockwalls that goes from sandy quarries up to the highest alpine...

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