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E-Cycles 2020 Blender 2.90 – 2.8 builds

New! E-Cycles 2020 2.90 builds are already available with very fast viewport rendering, AO and Clay kernels, NVLink support to stack memory of multiple...

E-On Vue R5 Build 5003878 + Plant Factory & Extra 2020 Win x64

A New Beginning – New Business Model and Product Portfolio. Together with its recently unveiled corporate re-branding, e-on software has undertaken a radical twist...

Blender Marketplace – Bundle 2 June 2020

Khaos Ultimate Explosion Add-OnAvailable now for Blender 2.82 Mantaflow! Important: Mantaflow in 2.83 appears to have glitches. Do not use it for simulation yet.The “Khaos”...

Pro Lighting Skies v1.2.4

Notice: Pro-Lighting: Skies is now Blender 2.8 compatible!What if you had a tool that allowed you to instantly change your outdoor lighting to any...

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