Zbrush 2021.6.1 (Update only) x64 [2021, MULTILANG ]

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Year / Release Date : 2021
Version : 2021.6.1
Developer : Pixologic Inc.
Developer site : pixologic.com/features/
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : Multilingual (no Russian)
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Highly Recommended:
OS: 64-bit editions of Windows Vista or newer.
CPU: Intel i5 / 7 / Xeon technology or AMD equivalent.
RAM: 8 GB required for working with multi-million poly models. (16+ GB preferred.)
HDD: 100 GB of free hard drive space for ZBrush and its scratch disk. (SSD drive highly recommended.)
Pen Tablet: Wacom or Wacom compatible. (WinTab API.)
Monitor: 1920 × 1080 monitor resolution or higher with 32-bit color.
Video card: Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer. Must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher.
Minimum System Requirements:
OS: 64-bit editions of Windows Vista or newer. (32-bit operating systems are no longer supported.)
CPU: Core2duo or AMD equivalent with SSE2 technology or better.
RAM: 4 GB (6+ GB strongly recommended)
HDD: 8 GB of free hard drive space for ZBrush and its scratch disk.
Pen Tablet: Mouse or Wacom compatible (WinTab API) pen tablet.
Monitor: 1280 × 1024 monitor resolution with 32-bit color.
Video card: Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer. Must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher.
Description : Updated Zbrush to version 2021.6.
The main installer is not included in the distribution. You can take it here on the forum, from one of the last distributions (for example, from here orfrom here ).

Judging by the feedback from some users, we again have another TimeBombs from Pixologic. When we try to save the project, we get the message “Sorry, ZBrush is unable to properly complete this function due to a faulty or an incomplete installation”
In this case, setting the date until March 8, 2021 helps. They started talking about the same option in Persia. And, they also recommend solving the problem by shifting the date, only using the ” RunAsDate ” utility

Temporarily Solution for the time bomb: Download RunAsdate, set the Time to be 8th of March 2021, create a Desktop shortcut for Zbrush and it Should be fine.
RunAsDate => http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/run_as_date.html
What’s new in version 2021.6:
Mesh From Mask
MeshFromMask is an amazingly fast and simple mesh creation tool. Simply outline your desired shape with the masking lasso and this shape will instantly be turned into an editable mesh. Although your stroke must begin on a mesh, it can then be continued over open canvas if you wish. You can add to your shape, subtract from it or cut holes with real-time updates to the generated mesh.
The new Curve Alpha brushes take any 2D alpha and extrude it along a curve as real geometry! This is ideal for quickly creating stylish strands of hair or horns, twisting
and tapering along any curve you create. That curve can then be edited if you wish to refine the shape. IMM Curve brushes have also been updated so they can use a flat mesh as the extrusion profile to create a similar result.
Give your imagination a boost! The new SnakeCurve brushes work with Sculptris Pro mode, allowing you to draw out a curve on the model and then pull it out from the surface to create strange and beautiful organic extrusions. Depending on where you click on the curve to move it and how quickly it is pulled, the curve will twist organically as it moves to cause variations in the extruded geometry. This feature is perfect for creating the sort of happy accidents that inspire artists.
True Raytracing Ambient Occlusion
A new, improved version of Ambient Occlusion masking has been added, with intensity and smoothing controls. The new AO even respects other SubTools!
Universal Scene Description (USD) Format
The USD format has been added for import and export. The USD format was developed by Pixar to provide a way to handle scenes made up of many different
elements as well as allow multiple artists to collaborate on the different assets.
Sticky Hotkeys
Any hotkey that triggers a slider can now be held down. Moving the cursor then adjusts the slider until the hotkey is released. This means fewer clicks to get the same result. To use the legacy behavior, simply tap the hotkey and click + drag to adjust the slider.
Demo meshes
Two new Male and Female demo meshes are included. These are by Tsvetomir Georgiev – https://cecoaliensa.artstation.com/store
Curve Stroke
Updates to Curve Stroke options allow more advanced behavior.
The last saved project will now be opened when ZBrush starts. This option can
be turned off in the Preferences >> Startup subpalette.
A selection of hard surface alphas has been added to the Alpha tab of Lightbox
for using with the new features.

What’s new in version 2021.6.1:
This update provides important fixes and includes a quality of life enhancement.
Added a new preferences slider to control the timed activation of the Sticky Keys feature:
Preferences >> Interface >> Click >> Sticky Keys Activation Timer
Smaller values ​​= faster activation of sticky keys.
Lower values ​​= slower activation of sticky keys. At maximum setting, this effectively disables the feature.
Project all fails to execute, or executes slower than usual.
Using the “S” hotkey to resize the brush not working as expected due to the Sticky Keys feature.
Unable to create a flat mesh from the selected alpha.
Pressing the Alt key while creating a Balloon mesh creates a mesh that is too close to the camera.
ZBrush fails to launch when anti-virus software prevents ZBrush from properly accessing files.
ZBrush fails to launch on Windows 7 or 8.0 (missing .dll error)
Seams created when using Sculptris Pro on a partially visible mesh with multiple PolyGroups assigned.

Copy the Update.exe file to the ZBrush installation folder and install.
After the update, replace the ZBrush.exe file with the file from the Crack.7z archive


Screenshots of the About window
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