Yandex.Browser (x32) / (x64) [Multi/Ru]

Yandex.Browser (x32) / (x64) [Multi/Ru]

Program version: (x32) / (x64)
Official site: Yandex LLC
Interface language: Russian, English, others

Treatment: not required

System requirements:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 [32/64-bit]
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 and higher
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB

A proprietary browser from Yandex, created on the basis of Chromium. It has a number of useful features: accelerated page loading on a slow Internet connection, quick access to the most frequently visited pages, a smart search bar, reliable virus protection, an integrated translator, transfer of settings and bookmarks from other browsers, etc.


      The browser is developed on the Chromium engine. The browser has extensive service functionality. The utility is easy to use, has excellent management tools and a clear interface. Even beginners will be able to handle the controls of this browser.

      When developing the browser, we took advantage of the developments of competitive products. Having acquired the best tools, Yandex Browser has become very popular. Now this browser is in demand among users; it provides fast browsing and protection from various virus attacks.


      The Yandex Browser security system uses Kaspersky Lab software. There is a built-in antivirus that can cope with spyware, hacker attacks and other pests. The user receives reliable protection against viruses entering the device via an Internet connection. There is built-in active Protect protection, which scans downloaded files for viruses, protects passwords and warns about dangerous sites.


      The browser has a wide range of decent options. Just download Yandex Browser to see this. The creators were able to combine many different tools in one development. Users can create their own tabs in an easy way. To create a tab, you need to move the resource you are looking for into the appropriate bookmark panel. After this, it becomes possible to provide instant access to such sites. To start downloading, just click on the name of the resource.

      It is possible to open sites in new windows. This method is used to isolate a site in order to gain separate access to it. The web browser has a pleasant interface, which provides more space for work. Yandex Browser users have a wide workspace.

    Search for information

      The browser was developed in such a way that it allows you to use the necessary functions from Yandex as conveniently as possible. The application has built-in capabilities for quickly translating the content of pages on the Internet. Users can use the search system from Yandex and work with it. The search system will allow you to effectively find the required information in a matter of seconds.

      The user begins to enter the required query. The built-in program carries out the search. After a second, the user will be offered pages on the screen with a large number of sites with the required information. Yandex Browser is free and very popular among users.

    Translation of pictures

    Translate text from pictures into any language using the built-in translator.
    Also, the built-in translator shows words and phrases in the language used in the Yandex Browser interface.

    Video translation and dubbing

    You can watch almost any English-language video with Russian dubbing. Now the “voice acting” of videos in foreign languages ​​has become multi-voiced. The number of “actors” increased from two to twelve: six male and the same number female. We mute the original audio track – so that it is audible, but does not interfere with perception – and overlay it with a new one, with translation.
    The video is now being translated into Russian from English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The technology is under development, so translation is not available for all videos. The technology for automatic voice-over translation of live broadcasts on YouTube is also in testing mode.

    Yandex Browser supports subtitles for videos that can be translated. You can enable subtitles for the original language (English, French, German and Spanish), for the target language (Russian), as well as for videos in Russian. Currently subtitles only work for videos on YouTube

    Exporting passwords to a file

    You can export passwords to a file and import them back into the browser.

    Blocking trackers

    Unscrupulous trackers may transfer your personal data (phone number or email address) to third parties. YTP technology allows you to see which trackers are running on a page and block those you don’t trust.


    On Scoreboard The sites you visit most often are displayed. The set and sequence of tiles can be configured manually. The scoreboard opens when you click on Smart line or open a new tab.

    Web Applications

    Many sites have long been replacing full-fledged programs. Use your favorite services like web applications — add them to the sidebar for quick access and open them in a separate window, rather than searching for the tab you need.

    Reviews on websites

    Some sites are useful and others are not. In the browser, any user can leave review of the sitewhich he visited. Reviews allow you to share your opinion and help you make a choice based on recommendations.

    Tab Groups
    WITH groups of tabs you can easily clean up your browser. You can create new groups, distribute tabs among them, and move tabs between groups – all in order to make working with open tabs as convenient as possible.


    IN Messenger you can chat with friends, organizations or Alice, read and create channels. Messages can be rated using an emoji or sticker. Text and voice messages with auto-recognition are available, as well as audio and video calls.

    Side panel

    Side panel allows you to launch Alice, play music, and save notes about important things. Provides quick access to page search, history, bookmarks, notifications and Yandex services.


    Now you can create a screenshot and share it in a few clicks. Moreover, this works for sites opened in the Browser, and for any other programs on the computer.

    Customizing the New Tab Design

    You can configure it yourself appearance new tab – maximum information, laconic interface or classic look.

    Web Application Windows

    Open web application (for example, chat, mail, online dictionary or online broadcast) next to the main browser window or other program – work in two windows at the same time.

    Protect: Internet safety

    Yandex Browser uses its own active protection system. This is the first comprehensive security system in the Browser, which protects against most troubles when working on the Internet.

    More details

    Yandex.Browser team blog

  • Yandex.Browser has learned to briefly retell videos in Russian
  • Yandex.Browser: Automatic translation and voice-over of YouTube broadcasts from five European languages
  • Yandex.Browser has learned to generate subtitles for videos and broadcasts in Russian
  • Yandex.Browser has learned to briefly retell texts using the YandexGPT neural network
  • Yandex: AMD drivers optimize work with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, ignoring other Chromium browsers
  • Yandex.Browser will help keep your battery charged longer with a new power saving mode
  • Tab Groups
  • New videophones have appeared in the gallery
  • Video translation now available for German, French and Spanish (official blog)
  • Yandex.Browser now has an automatic translation function for English-language videos


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