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Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : XYZ
Manufacturer website : https://www.school-xyz.com/environment-art
Duration : …
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : Help you become a sought-after environment artist. You will be taught by Igor Emelyanov, an experienced 3D artist who has worked on Metro Exodus and Call of Duty Infinity Warfare. The result of the course is that you will create a large author’s scene from scratch the way it is done in AAA projects. It will become an adornment of your portfolio and a big plus for your future employer or customer.
For beginners and experienced 3D artists who are familiar with 3DS Max, Maya, Blender or Zbrush and want to become an environment artist.

Block 1. Concept search
We invent and collect references in accordance with our idea. At this stage, you can let your imagination run wild – but even here there are important principles that must be followed.
Block 2. Blockout and planning
We assemble the scene from simple objects, and immediately upload it to the engine to see how it plays. If something doesn’t work in our idea, it’s easier to fix it now.
Block 3. Landscape and tile textures
Creating tile textures for painting the landscape. We analyze the pros and cons of different approaches when creating tile textures.
Block 4. Rocks and stones
Creating organic rock formations to detail the landscape. We analyze what organic skirts and cliffs are for. Create large rocks to break up the monotony of our cliffs.
Block 5. Modules
We create a constructor from which we can collect different pieces of scenes. We break modular objects into component parts – tiles, trims.
Block 6. Large objects of the scene
We analyze approaches to creating unique large objects. We create large scene objects using a combined pipeline.
Block 7. Vegetation and asset
We create trees, grass, pebbles and other secondary objects. Without them, the scene will not turn out interesting and “live”.
Block 8. Finalization and presentation
We learn to demonstrate the skills acquired in the process of working on the stage. The presentation is specially arranged so that everything you have learned is visible
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