Vmd Retargeting v1.19.1 Blender 3.0+

Notice: This addon now is stable and handles most vmd motion very well. So, if you can not make it work, read document’s “Common Issue” part to fix your issue quickly.

Blender Addon Vmd Retargeting
This blender addon will import motion from mmd’s .vmd file onto Daz or CC models, with or without mmd model.

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Export mmd motion to Daz Studio:

Bonus: Convert Daz model to MMD

Check its own readme page: Daz to MMD


This github repo is for guideline and issues.


Addon: 1.19.1

Blender: 3.0 or later


Import motion from vmd file without a mmd model
Or retarget body motion from a mmd model.

Import body, eyeball, facial, viseme and camera motion separately
Ignore feet rotation when Daz/CC character is on high heel.
Set interpolation and easing as you wish
Set arm rotation rate, to prevent hands poke into chest.
Set camera height offset or rotation rate if needed


Buy it at blender official market website.
Then install the .zip file you get from online shop.
Search “Vmd retargeting” in your addon list and enable it.
In viewport, press “N” to display tool panels, select “Vmd Retarget” panel

If you are new to blender and don’t know how to install a blender addon, search: “blender install addon” in google.

How to use
Prepare a character
This addon supports:

* Daz Genesis 8 imported by diffeomorphic daz importer addon

* Daz Genesis 8 imported by Official Daz to Blender Bridge(updated version for blender 3.x) [This one is for advanced user, check github repo for more]

* Daz Genesis 8 imported by Official Daz to Blender Bridge 2022

* CC4(Character Creator) model imported by cc blender tools addon

For characters imported by fbx, cc model works too. But for daz model, retargeting facial and viseme motion won’t work.

Prepare CC4 model

No preparing is needed.

Just make sure you export it from Character Creator, not from iClone. Also, mesh only, no animation, with A-Pose, not T-Pose

Prepare Daz model [with Diffeomorphic daz importer]

Diffeomorphic daz importer is complex. But we just need click a few buttons to get it done.

You need to know the basic of how to setup and export a daz model from Daz Studio for Diffeomorphic daz importer. Check its official tutorial for that.

Then, when importing model to blender, you need 3 things:

Merge all armatures into body’s armature
Face Unit morph and Viseme morph
Make all bone poseable.
The easiest way for these, is importing a character by click “Easy Import Daz” button.

* For Genesis 8

Click “Easy Import Daz” button. By default, it already checked Merge Rigs for you.

So, you just need to check “Face Units” and “Visemes”, then import.

After importing, go to “Finish” section of Diffeomorphic daz importer’s panel. Click “Make All Bones Poseable”

Now, your daz model is prepared.

* For Genesis 9

You need diff daz importer version 1.6.2+ to import a Daz Genesis 9 character.

If you already has diff daz importer ver1.6.1 in your Blender, you have to remove it and re-open Blender, before installing version 1.6.2. Then re-config the Global setting after installing version 1.6.2. A lot of files and settings are changed.

Then, Click “Easy Import Daz” button. By default, it already checked “Merge Rigs” and “Make All Bones Poseable” for you.

So, you just need to check “FACS”, then import.

Now, your daz model is prepared.