VideoSmile / Alexander Kolyasa Super Substance [2021, RUS]

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Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : VideoSmile
Manufacturer’s website :
Author : Alexander Kolyasa
Duration : 17:36:00
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : The most complete training course for Substance Painter and Substance Designer from the VideoSmile team.
Working with textures and materials has never been so easy and convenient!
For many years, the stage of creating textures and working with materials has been the most hated stage in the pipeline of any 3D artist. To create beautiful, realistic materials, you had to go through all the circles of hell and spend a lot of time and effort on it.
With the advent of Substance Painter and Substance Designer, the process of texturing and creating materials has become much easier. Now you have the opportunity to concentrate on the artistic side of texturing without being distracted by anything else!
Photoshop in the world of 3D graphics!
Substance Painter is a unique software product that is increasingly used by the creators of computer games, including large AAA projects. In this program, you can paint with textures on top of a 3D model as easily as with a brush on a regular layer in Photoshop, and you will immediately see the result.
In addition, you can create your own textures and materials in Substance Designer. The rich toolkit of this program, coupled with the node system, allows you to create realistic textures and materials quickly and easily.
Working together, Substance Painter and Substance Designer produce amazing results. That is why these programs have become an indispensable element in the toolkit of any modern 3D artist.
However, despite such excellent features, convenience and increasing popularity of the programs, today there are very few high-quality training materials on them. Especially in Russian.
We decided to fill this gap and release a new video course dedicated to Substance Painter and Substance Designer in our supercourses lineup. We just called it “Super Substance”.

Chapter 1. Introducing Substance Painter
Chapter 2. Texturing a Longboard
Chapter 3. Texturing Sci-Fi Weapons
Chapter 4. Texturing the car
Chapter 5. Introducing Substance Designer
Chapter 6. UV

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