Unreal Engine Game Environment design MasterClass

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer website : https://www.udemy.com/course/game-environment-design-unreal-engine/
Author : Nabil Kechiche
Duration : …
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : In this course, we will create a professional, next-gen-game environment using state of the art tools and resources
Here are few of the main points we’ll cover in this course:
– How to properly use Megascans and Unreal Engine 4 to create ray traced game environments
– Use tiled textures from Megascans to create modular pieces or custom pieces. We will make around 35-40 custom pieces using 3Dsmax and I will show you how, step-by-step.
– Setup a wide variety of advanced shaders in Unreal Engine 4
– Learn how to make every portion of the environment blend together very well to create a single seamless world
– How to properly use and reuse decals
– Using foliage to enhance the scene look by placing them in a smart way.
– Create custom masks for things like window glass using Substance Painter
– Learn how to customise Megascans PBR textures to make them more usable and to suit your environment
– How to enhance and carry out storytelling through your level design
– How to fake destroyed assets such as ruins of buildings and walls
– Use Unreal Engine’s Blueprints system to create splines tools that support both instancing and procedural meshes.
– Make sure the Blueprints tools we created are extensible and artist-friendly
– We will cover a bit of VFX and their shaders to help bring the scene to life
– Lighting is key to bring everything together and create truly beautiful worlds. You will learn how to beautifully light your scene and present it in the best possible way. You will also learn how to optimise lightning alongside ray tracing and post-process effects
The best way to describe this course is: become a one-man army. It’s not for beginners as I won’t cover the basics but if you’ve got a handle on artist tools then get strapped-in for quite the ride! There are no time lapse sequences and no pre-planned segments. Students will be able to follow me live digging my way to the end. I’ll be showing and explaining every little step along the way, allowing you to follow along in real-time or watch at your leisure.
Intermediate game artists, level designers, game developers, or game designers
Unreal Engine users
Intermediate artists who want to learn game environment design
Video format : MP4
Video : 1280×720, 3000 kbps
Audio : 48.00 kHz, 128 kbps


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