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Udemy โ€“ Advanced Hard-Surface Modeling Techniques in Cinema 4D

What Will I Learn?

Make complex Hard-Surface models in Cinema 4D.


Maxon Cinema 4D R19


Welcome to my course โ€“ Advanced Hard-Surface Modeling Techniques in Cinema 4D. You will learn the most advanced techniques to model complex geometry in the most efficient ways possible. This course will give you an arsenal of techniques to tackle any modeling project that you may need to accomplish. Look at this course as you personal resource and reference to your Cinema 4D modeling needs.

This course will be continually updated based on new Releases of Cinema 4D.

This course covers:

Polypen tool


Subdivision Surface.



Axis Tools

Curved surfaces.

Flat plane modeling.

Cylindrical Modeling.

Symmetrical Modeling

Modeling using Subdivisions.

Modeling using References.

Who is the target audience?

Cinema 4D users that are ready to learn something more challenging.

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