Schoolism, Jonathan Hardesty | Essentials of Realism (2016) PCRec [EN, RU]

Schoolism, Jonathan Hardesty | Essentials of Realism (2016) PCRec [EN, RU]

Author: Jonathan Hardesty
Production: Schoolism
Genre: Drawing

This course is a detailed description of everything an artist needs in order to achieve realism in his work. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of realistic drawing techniques and learn to use this knowledge in their own projects. The course covers the following topics:

Proportionality (All elements in place)
Lightness (How bright or light should the tone be?)
Edges and Edges (How soft or sharp should they have been?)
Color (How cool or warm should the tone be?)
Integrated use of all these principles in drawing

Through a variety of exercises, students will learn much more than just accurately reflecting reality. They will learn to extract meaning from what they see and later convey this meaning in their own works. Creating realistic images, either from life or from the imagination, requires the ability to accurately observe the world around us. Creating interesting paintings is impossible without the artist understanding how to work with what he sees and perceives in the real world. In this course, students will learn all of these essential skills.

Duration: 12:00:00
Video quality: PCRec
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