• August 1, 2021


The most advanced UV solutions and algorithms directly to 3D artists and product designers, or in a form that can be integrated into others 3D editing software.

>> What’s New:-

% Tile usage display (island tile ownership is determined using island’s bounding box center)
Stack Similar islands (and Island Group Stack Similars) now takes the island selection as working set. The first island selected is now the reference island and destination position. The old behavior remains if only one island is selected, in that case the working set is the visible island set.
New island hiding system: As both viewport can now display or not depending on their flatness state, all feature have been updated to be able to work on only a subset of the island set. Also, the island set will be determined using the mouse position, i.e: If the mouse pointer is inside the 3d viewport, and if the 3D viewport display not flats island only, then only the 3d islands will be processed by a feature. As a beta tester, you may find some exception in the above rule, and you’ll tell us if you found something that has been bad designed. Q: Should the UV viewport be set as “Display Flat only” by default?(edited)
BRIDGE DEVS: Added variable “Vars.File.DefaultSaveDescriptor”, so that bridge scripts can set a default file descriptor that will be set when a saving dialog will be open. Leave that string empty to let the descriptor be determined using the current file extension: To set the string to FBX ascii for instance, use this command: ZomSet({Path=”Vars.File.SaveDescriptor”, Value=”FBX ascii (*.fbx)”})
Flip Local
Both viewports can now display either Flat or Not Flat or Both Flat and NotFlat islands. All features are applied to what is displayed in the viewport in which your mouse pointer is placed in
Conversion from polygon selection to edge selection (polygons must be selected, and the feature should be used in edge selection mode)
If all islands of a group are not displayed, the group is not displayed as well.
Island selection is still visible even other primitive selection modes than “Island”. For instance, if some islands are selected and in Edge selection mode, If you pack “P”, only the selected islands will be packed.
Scripting: Almost all tasks takes now the parameter “WorkingSet”, which can be set as a combination of the strings “Visible”, “Flat”, “NotFlat” , “Selected”. The parameters define the island set on which the task will be applied
New viewport switch: (edited)
New convert selection:
links to discord and support.rizom-lab.com –
Island Groups, UDims, Tile geometry, Island properties are now saved into FBX files
Script Launcher Panel. Register and run lua scripts from the UI. Hotkey can be customised using the Keyboard and mouse dialog (not new).
New strategy when exporting multi UV sets into FBX files. The old UVs are erased and new layer and new UV elements are created for all meshes unless “Use UV Set Name” is enabled (see preference window)
Grid texture can be customized (see preferences dialog)
Point snapping (snap vertexes, edges, polygons and islands selection to vertexes located on island’s border). The snapping distance can be viewport zoom based, grid based, or absolute distance based
– new: Grid snapping distance can now be viewport zoom based, grid based (with possibility to subdivide more the current grid subdivision), or absolute distance based

– new: In-panel statistics island, group and tile selection now displayed in color and condensed

UV in 3D obj export doesn’t export groups, materials, and
Zoom and pan jumps! happened when after trying to orbit in the UV view even if the orbit is disabled(edited)
Stack Similar(s) features don’t take the right first selected island for some task sequences.(edited)
Similar features doesn’t process all similar islands even when the similarity threshold is set to zero.
Link with the last Intel MKL library (in order to solve a windows only issue)
Hotkeys trigger even when user enter file name into the file saving dialog
unfold flattens hidden islands in some context (edited)1
Polygon selection doesn’t select symmetric polygons when symmetry is enabled
Rotate island +90 -90 180 doesn’t work for individual islands
Stretch control (Autoseams) goes into infinite loops in rare cases – fix: internal errors doesn’t raise boxed messages
Potential error when Stretch limiter is enabled
If an OBJ file is imported then FBX file exported, the FBX file contains wrong normals – fix: the “Island” button in the tile lower left corner doesn’t select the islands contained into the tile
UI freeze on MacOSX
UI and LUA script doesn’t give the same results (impacts autoseams full auto and model groups to tiles features)
Panel title is sometimes rotated and it shouldn’t
Island selection color is not dimmed in other primitive selection modes than the island mode
Fit, Squarify, Island Scaling do not work anymore (introduced in previous beta release)

RS & VS included.

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