Rhinoceros 7 SR5 (7.5.21100.0 3001) x64

Year / Release Date : 2021
Version : v7 Service Release 5 (7.5.21100.03001)
Developer : Robert McNeel & Associates
Developer site : www.rhino3d.com/
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka : present
System requirements : 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (Not ARM)
8 GB memory (RAM) or more is recommended.
600 MB disk space.
OpenGL 4.1 capable video card is recommended.
4 GB Video RAM or more recommended.
Windows 10 or 8.1, 7 (x64)
Description : Rhinoceros (Rhino) is a commercial 3D NURBS modeling software developed by Robert McNeel & Associates. It is primarily used in industrial design, architecture, ship design, jewelry and automotive design, CAD / CAM design, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and multimedia and graphic design.
Rhino model showing NURBS surfaces (Flamingo rendering)
Rhino specializes in NURBS modeling. Plugins developed by McNeel include Flamingo (ray tracing rendering), Penguin (non-photorealistic rendering), Bongo (animation), and Brazil (complex rendering). There are over 1000 third party plugins for Rhino. Like many other modeling programs, Rhino has its own scripting language based on Visual Basic, and the SDK allows you to read and write files directly.
Rhino’s growing popularity is based on its heterogeneity, versatility, versatility, quick learning, relatively low cost, and the import / export capability of nearly 30 different formats that allow Rhino to be used as a ‘converter’ in your workflow.

Installation and activation

With keys:
– Run the installation of rhino_7.5.21100.03001.exe
– in the “advanced parameters” select the folder for installation, interface languages, disable the options “Allow updates” and “Send anonymous data”
– After the installation is complete, disconnect the internet and run the program
– Нажмите “Enter your license key” введите ключ RH70-U801-H4H0-QRA2-29R1-9097 , нажмите “Continue”
– Нажмите “Use Only on This Computer”, “Да”
– Введите “Validation Code”: F021-295B-B5C1-00A8-B53F , нажмите “Continue”
– If you did everything correctly, you will see the message “Validation Completed Successfully”, close the program and run again
– Turn on the internet
Using an activator:
– close the program
– Run the activator (RhinoActivator.exe) (the program does not require admin rights)
– Введите license key и validate code от Rhinoceros v7.х
– Click the “Activate” button
– run the program
Keys for the current two weeks:
Commercial, License key: RH70-U801-1410-QGA2-09R1-9092, Validation Code: B4F0-295B-B54F-00A8-0D52
Commercial, License key: RH70-U081-H010-GHA2-09Q1-003A, Validation Code: C880-295B-B55E-00A8-340D
Corporate, License key: RH70-U003-L080-RG8A-2LQ1-1007, Validation Code: C4D5-295B-B56E-00A8-0CD9
Corporate, License key: RH70-UG03-50H0-1R82-2LR1-8080, Validation Code: 7070-295B-B57A-00A8-D226
Education, License key: RH70-U80B-10H0-AHA2-2GR0-0093, Validation Code: EC2B-295B-B589-00A8-DCA2
Education, License key: RH70-UQ0B-H4G0-ARA2-2GQ1-0023, Validation Code: D14B-295B-B59C-00A8-FA46

Manual installation on Windows 7

1. Install rhiexec.msi and rhino.msi from folder MSI
2. Install LanguagePack.msi or several
3. Install ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe, and VC200X_redist_x64.exe if necessary
4. Use the activator and start Rhinoceros
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