INSYDIUM , X-Particles & Fused Collection For Cinema 4d R16 – R26 ,2024

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X-Particles NeXus Taiao TerraformFX MeshTools Cycles 4D Taiao Presets Pack Nature Materials Pack 360 Skies Pack Material Packs Architecture Packs Cycles 4D Starter Pack

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All INSYDIUM products in one collection

INSYDIUM Fused contains all of our products in one complete collection. Everything you need to create stunning GPU-accelerated particle effects, plant animations, realistic terrains and fulfil modeling tasks through to the final render. Plus, all our available Library Assets and Technical Support.

The full collection is only available if your license hasĀ MaintenanceĀ or you have a Subscription.

INSYDIUM Fused is natively compatible with Apple M1 systems, except Cycles 4D, which cannot be used on these machines as it does not have silicon support.

  1. X-Particles
  2. NeXus
  3. Taiao
  4. TerraformFX
  5. MeshTools
  6. Cycles 4D
  7. Taiao Presets Pack
  8. Nature Materials Pack
  9. 360 Skies Pack
  10. Material Packs
  11. Architecture Packs
  12. Cycles 4D Starter Pack


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