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Process Lasso Pro + Portable Windows Speed ​​Optimization


Process Lasso

Process Lasso

Application software that uses a unique new technology that allows you to increase the responsiveness and stability of your computer. The Windows operating system, in terms of design, allows applications to take over your processor without any restrictions, which ultimately leads to locking or hanging the system. Process Lasso software balancing technology intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs so that abnormal behaviors by these programs or excessive use of system resources by active processes affect your ability to control and use your system. Have a problem.

Process Lasso software also offers a set of methods to take full control of the fact that your processor is addressed to run various programs. You can choose which processes and with what priorities should run, and which of your processor cores should be assigned to this task.

Process Lasso software capabilities

  • Prevent the processor from being monopolized by specific processes
  • Dynamic optimization of prioritization in order to balance the system
  • Processor control capability
  • Save process priorities for future examples
  • Save CPU connectivity for future examples
  • Game mode
  • Restrict access to applications
  • Unauthorized execution of programs
  • Logging in all applications
  • Automatically restart processes if stopped
  • Provide diagrams of the system response rate
  • Very little use of RAM and CPU

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