Pixologic ZBrush 2024.0.0.1 (x64) Portable by 7997 [Multi]

Pixologic ZBrush 2024.0.0.1 (x64) Portable by 7997 [Multi]

Program version: 2024.0.0.1
Official site: ZBrush
Interface language: English, German, othersTreatment: not required (the installer has already been disinfected)

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows 11/10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen and newer; Intel i7/i9/Xeon or AMD Ryzen/Threadripper and newer (recommended)
  • RAM: 4 GB (6+ GB recommended); 16 GB for multi-million poly models (32+ GB preferred) (recommended)
  • HDD: 20 GB; 100 GB for ZBrush & its scratch disk (SSD drive recommended)
  • Pen Tablet: Mouse or Wacom compatible (WinTab API) pen tablet; Compatible pressure sensitive tablet from Wacom, XPen, XenceLabs, Huion or other sensitive tablets (Must support WinTab API) (recommended)
  • Display: 1280×1024; 1920×1080 or higher with 32-bit color (recommended)
  • GPU: Must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher and Vulkan 1.1 or higher

Pixologic ZBrush is a 3D modeling program created by Pixologic. A distinctive feature of this software is the simulation of the process of “sculpting” a 3D sculpture, enhanced by a real-time 3D rendering engine, which significantly simplifies the procedure for creating the required 3D object. Each point (called a pixel) contains information not only about its XY coordinates and color values, but also its Z depth, orientation, and material. This means that you can not only “sculpt” a three-dimensional object, but also “color” it by drawing strokes with depth. That is, you don’t have to paint shadows and highlights to make them look natural—ZBrush will do it automatically.

    • It also works quickly with standard 3D objects, using brushes to modify the geometry of materials and textures. Allows you to achieve interactivity with an incredible number of polygons. Using special methods, you can increase the detail to tens (or even hundreds) of millions of polygons. There are also many plug-ins (working with textures, geometry, many new brushes, quick integration with professional 2D graphics packages and much more).
    • ZBrush 2021 is the long-awaited release from Pixologic, creator of award-winning 3D art software. Designed and created by artists for artists, ZBrush is currently one of the most popular software for 2D/3D art, primarily sculpting.
    ZBrush is widely used in concept design, filmmaking, computer games, toys, collectible models, scientific illustration and many other areas. Pixologic continues to hold its own, demonstrating this in its new ZBrush 2021, which embodies the wishes and demands of the most demanding 3D sculptors and artists.
  • ZBrush menus are designed to work in a free and non-linear manner. This allows 3D models, 2.5D pixels and 2D images to interact in a new and unique way.
  • ZBrush gives you all the tools you need from creating a 2D sketch or 3D concept to finishing it. You can create realistic renderings directly in ZBrush using lighting and atmospheric effects. A large number of advanced export options allow you to prepare your model for 3D printing or use in other programs.
  • Because ZBrush users have an advanced software engine, you can sculpt and paint models with millions of polygons without worrying about the need for expensive graphics cards. That’s why ZBrush is used by everyone from enthusiast artists to large film and game studios.
  • Forget about technical hurdles and time-consuming learning curves as you can simply sculpt and paint with familiar brushes and tools.
  • Portable version from 7997, works without installation on PC
  • Does not require registration
  • Interface language: English, German, others (Russian is not available)
  • There is a delay in starting the program
  • Does not require installation of libraries on the system
  • Leaves no traces in the system or registryPixologic ZBrush 2024.0.0.1 x64 Portable by 7997.7z:
    CRC32: 93DB4C68
    CRC64: D9C9C6269DA52679
    MD5: 82E4CEB3E006F7A1A7E2A85A579AE725
    SHA-1: 8F603E26BAA809585B1681607475F0B6F4F66AEA
    SHA-256: 9C42C338488DCE1E2BD6620F0483655DE94D3261B37E167C591B9C5987162C36



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