Opera One 105.0.4970.13 Portable by Cento8 [Ru/En]

Opera One 105.0.4970.13 Portable by Cento8 [Ru/En]

Program version: 105.0.4970.13
Official site: Opera Software
Official website of the collector: link
Interface language: Russian English

Treatment: not required

System requirements:

  • Windows 10 | 11 (x86/x64)

The Opera web browser is one of the fastest, most secure and easy-to-use browsers available to users. The Opera browser will satisfy all your needs – be it productive work, interesting entertainment or self-expression. The Opera web browser is distinguished by a rich set of ready-made functions, which attract users who want a complete and ready-made solution, without wanting to install additional modules every time they need functions missing in the browser. Opera’s enhanced fraud protection protects you from websites that try to steal your personal information. Opera runs on the new Blink web engine and V8 JavaScript engine and is based on the Chromium project.

    Find something new
    The Recommendations option finds the most popular news and entertainment from around the world. Find something new in a variety of categories and read articles in your own language about what’s happening where you are.

    Ease of viewing
    Opera’s interface combines precision and quality. Opera includes modern style and powerful options, giving you complete freedom to explore the Internet.

    Easy to search and navigate
    Opera has one powerful, intuitive web search and navigation engine. Search for information on different search engines and view suggested results as you type.

    Work quickly even on a slow connection
    Compress mode processes pages for fast viewing in any environment. It allows you to stay online even if your connection speed drops.

    Organize your favorite sites
    The improved Express Panel groups your most visited sites directly on the home page. Improved search and grouping capabilities let you quickly access your favorite content.

    Don’t lose the information you find
    Found information you want to return to later? Piggy Bank allows you to save a page with just one click, placing it in a multi-level list. You can view Piggy Bank contents as customizable page thumbnails or search by keyword.

    • 32 and 64-bit Portable browser versions.
    • Languages ​​Russian and English.
    • Does not create a profile in AppData.
    • Does not leave any entries in the registry.
    • Launch the browser via Loader (X-Opera.exe).

    The program is from the developers and does not require installation. Launches and works from any USB drive. Distributed in the form of copyright archives due to high compression, with checksums:

    CRC32: A20EAB9F
    MD5: 0D19C2B7A28F114BFBE1BB100FC4D3AB
    SHA-1: 4807A9173F21EE98D1C45FDAFF842F18B1599F31
    SHA-256: C3C519D8FDA77E24AE3C6A4C44FFA2A60F5AF8A05D6D35C72EA1D037B88F58CE

    CRC32: 48D940AD
    MD5: C4FE7E91CF4307FA7DBD4F717F5C80AC
    SHA-1: FDC11E4DA7D1D7676C69FF8BEF05139397E1BA0C
    SHA-256: F09B2EF45EBD97FEDD4F7F480BC5A7B1FB5D918EF8B7D4E4695A017CE6228F47


Distribution time: 24/5 (until the first 3-5 downloaders appear)

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