Motionguru, Jafar Fazel | Motion Design Course (Motion Hero) (2021) WEB-DL [AD] [EN]

Motionguru, Jafar Fazel | Motion Design Course (Motion Hero) (2021) WEB-DL [AD] [EN]

Author: Jafar Fazel
Production: Motionguru
Genre: Motion design

Have you ever wondered why some seemingly simple videos have such amazing animations while others are painful to watch?
This is because many aspiring animators are not familiar with the principles of animation or animation theory in general, they do not know what aspects they should focus on to improve their work, why it is important and how they should implement such things in their work. animation. In this motion design course, we’ll dive into the depths of After Effects. You’ll learn everything from the most basic animation techniques to the most advanced ones, and you’ll be able to achieve amazing results.
Moreover, our journey will not end until I see you become a professional designer. So, this course is suitable for both beginners and veterans.

Duration: 12:23:16
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: English
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