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Motion Design School – Cinema 4D Journey

This course will provide you the basic knowledge about 3D world fundamentals and you’ll be able to figure out how to deal with various Cinema 4D tasks without searching for a ton of tutorials.
Get started with Cinema 4D. This basic course covers the core aspects of Cinema 4D without going into too many details. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge about 3D world fundamentals and you’ll be able to figure out how to deal with various Cinema 4D tasks without need to search for tons of tutorials.
2D is not 3D
Good old 2D is so simple and so cozy. Adding a new dimension makes it so much harder.

We live in a 3D world and it’s time to join us. Don’t worry, we’ll lead you in!

Cinema 4D as a spaceship
Cinema 4D is huge. There’s no step by step wizard to turn your idea into reality. There are millions tools and even more ways they interact.

But there’s no need to know each tiny cog of a spaceship to pilot it. We’re going to give you a quick driving course.

There are so many possible ways to do the same thing in 3D. You’re in doubt. Which way is the best? The shortest? Will produce the expected result? We’re here to guide you through!

No need to do models by yourself when there are lots of ready-made models to use.

Youtube only makes it worse
Have gone through tons of tutorials trying to figure out which way to use and still got no luck? It’s not Youtube to blame.

It’s just a lack of knowledge of the very basics. With this course, you won’t need Youtube anymore.

Don’t know where to start
Modeling, rigging, rendering, and so many other things… Each area requires hundreds of hours to get to know but there’s no need to become an expert in everything.

That’s exactly what we made this course for. You’ll get a helicopter view on all of the areas of the world of 3D

Is this course for me?
This course covers all the required basics of Cinema 4D so will be of best use for beginner 3D artists and motion designers who are willing to jump into the world of 3D

2D is not 3D
Those who finally want to get started with 3D and create some fantastic projects on a completely different level

Beginner 3D artist
Even if you’ve never seen Cinema 4D before, the time to start is now

Middle 3D artists
Intermediate 3D artists
You have some experience in Cinema 4D, but you’ve never used complex Mograph setups, Xpresso etc.

What will I learn in the Cinema 4D course?
1. Main principles
We’ll get started with the Cinema 4D interface doing an example project. We’ll create and render a simple composition and get to know primitives, navigation and scene management.
1. Poly Modeling Basics
We’ll learn the tools and the main principles of polygonal modeling. You’ll get familiar with subdivision surface. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of different types of topology.
2. Polygonal Modeling Tools
We’ll create our first polygonal model. We’ll get some real experience in using poly pen and other tools that make the modeling process more effective.
3. What is UV
We’ll get to know the concept of parametric coordinates and learn how to make a UV conversion with minimum effort. We’ll put our new knowledge into practice making a UV mapping of our model.
4. Making a packshot
The final stage of our project. We’ll get a cool and stylish packshot. We’ll get started with the process of creating studio surrounding, we’ll set the lighting sources, make an animation and render the sequence.
Mograph Module
1. Module overview
Mograph module overview. Mograph became an integral part of Cinema 4D. We are going to show you its functions and specific features on some simple examples.
2. Deep Mograph
Explore the Mograph module from the inside. Get to know the procedural modeling, make a basic crowd generator and learn other unusual ways to use Mograph.
1. Bullet Overview
An overview of built-in tools for rigid bodies and tissues simulation. Specific features of the bullet solver. Common mistakes users make.
2. Destructions, loops
Put your knowledge about the dynamics into practice: create a simple loop for Instagram.
3. Hair
Get to know the Hair module. Explore its specific features and main functions. Learn how to use it for the object scattering.
1. Practice
We will get a basic introduction to JavaScript language that is enough to start making your own simple scripts. Xpresso won’t scare you away anymore. This node programming language will help us create a custom tool for a growing ivy.
1. Intro
Overview of the tools that help creating an animation. We’ll create and animate a simple rig.
2. Camera animation features
Working with the camera is one of the most important aspects of the whole movie-making process. And it means a lot in computer graphics too. Explore the principles of creating a camera rig and learn how to use built-in tools like camera morph and motion camera.
3. Constraints
Cinema4D constraints system overview. U-joint node rig
4. Tension Jiggle etc.
Deformers can be used as a great tool for correcting mistakes in your animation or adding some final polish. Learn some helpful deformers. Smoothing, jiggle, collision, tension tag.
Look Development
1. Shading
Get to know the PBR workflow. Set up a shader for a neon sign model.
2. Lighting
Learn more about light sources. We’ll show you different light setups and possible ways to light a scene.
3. Render
Combining 3D with real-life footage is one of the core challenges of computer graphics. Get to know the principles, as well as C4D tools that will make it easier.
4. Scetch&Toon
Sketch & Toon module is one of the best of its kind and we won’t overlook it. Create a short video in classic cartoon style.
Enroll now
Learn how to get the best result with Redshift renderer
We will explain how to do basic render in native Cinema 4D render software, but most of the time we will use Redshift. Redshift is not only the world’s fastest renderer but it also offers the most features and flexibility among all GPU renderers. All the knowledge gained while working with Redshift can be applied to work with other similar renderers, including the standard Cinema 4D renderer.

You can download the trial version on the official website
What will I be capable of after the Cinema 4D Journey course?
Take a look at the students’ homeworks done during the course and see for yourself

Who will be teaching?
Alexander Kratinov
Alexander is a CG Generalist with more than 20 years of experience. During his career, he managed to work with almost all main products for creating 3D graphics.

Currently, he works as a VFX Supervisor and a Technical Director for large projects. His main tools for the last 9 years are SideFX Houdini and Cinema 4D.

Alexander finds Cinema 4D one of the most convenient and successful 3D software in the market, and he is very glad to share his Jedi knowledge with you.

Cinema 4D Journey
If you are a beginner in 3D Industry, the course curriculum will guide you to intermediate level in a really exciting way.
Fill the gaps and structure your knowledge if you already have an experience of work in Cinema 4D or any other 3D software.
Unique author’s techniques which you won’t be able to find on the internet will be considered.
It is a practice-based course, therefore, we will be explaining everything on real-life tasks.
We know the importance of getting satisfaction from your work, so that’s why we will show you fast and easy ways to achieve really good-looking results.
You will learn the whole process of creating amazing animated 3D shots starting from modeling and finishing with hitting the ‘Render’ button.

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