Motion Design School Cinema 4D Journey

Year of issue : 2019
Manufacturer : Motion Design School
Manufacturer website : https://motiondesign.school/products/cinema-4d-journey
Author : Alexander Kratinov
Duration : 12:12:32
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : If you have already worked with Cinema 4D and you want to master this tool in greater detail, you are in the right place. This course will make you understand the core aspects of Cinema 4D much better and will teach you to use the tools you are already familiar with in a new way. There are a lot of nuances from basic modeling skills to gamma correction in rendering that can greatly improve your works. Learn them in your own Cinema 4D Journey.
This course is also suitable for Cinema 4D beginners who are ready for large amounts of difficult information and complex tasks.

1. Main principles
1. Poly Modeling Basics
2. Polygonal Modeling Tools
3. What is UV
4. Making a packshot
Mograph Module
1. Module overview
2. Deep Mograph
1. Bullet Overview
2. Destructions, loops
3. Hair
1. Practice
1. Intro
2. Camera animation features
3. Constraints
4. Tension Jiggle etc.
Look Development
1. Shading
2. Lighting
3. Render
4. Sketch&Toon
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