Motion Design School Cinema 4D Infinite Crash

Cinema 4D Infinite Crash

Year of issue : 2019
Manufacturer : Motion Design School
Manufacturer website : https://motiondesign.school/products/infinite-crash
Author : Michael Marczewski
Length : 02:05:36
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Description : Everyone in childhood was fascinated by crash test frames and these bad dummies. Well, now you can inflict suffering on your own mannequins! This class will walk you through the installation of a dynamic rag machine in Cinema4D and advanced advice on how to tune your car to have a very precise (and fragile!) Rigid body structure.
You will also learn how to optimize a dynamic scene so that dynamic simulations are reliable and realistic without any problems. Another fundamental part of the workshop is creating a repeatable scene, without compromising the randomness of dynamic collisions, the video will loop smoothly. You will also be using After Effects to help you achieve this in a very simple way.

1. Breakdown
2. Rigging the dynamic rag doll
3. Rigging breakable cars
4. Setting up the crashing scene
5. Finishing touches
6. Make it Loop!
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