[Learn Squared / Pablo Dominguez] Vehicle Concept Art

[Learn Squared / Pablo Dominguez] Vehicle Concept Art

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : Learn Squared
Manufacturer website : https://www.learnsquared.com/courses/vehicle-concept-art
Author : Pablo Dominguez
Length : 44:46:52
Handout Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English, Spanish
Описание : Buckle your seatbelts, secure your belongings, and prepare for takeoff. Elevate your concept art workflows in this brand new course from Pablo Dominguez by learning to generate simple assets in 3D, arranging them to create dynamic compositions, and using them as a base to create beautiful, detailed concept art for your project or portfolio.

Lesson 1 – Rough Sketching
In this lesson you’ll learn the foundations required for the rest of the course. Pablo will take you through the Brief Builder Tool to spark ideas for your vehicles, then you’ll build references and start your design. At the end of this lesson, you will have a finished vehicle sketch.
Lesson 2 – Modeling Fundamentals
This lesson will be all about getting comfortable in your 3D software. You’ll go over UI, tools and useful concepts before building your own kit of small details which can be added to your vehicle design in the next lesson.
Note: Pablo focuses on ZBrush in this course, but the overarching concepts he covers can be applied to any 3D software. Pay attention to how each idea might apply to your own technique, and adapt it to work for your personal style. After all, great artists aren’t defined by their tools!
Lesson 3 – Design in 3D
Now that you’re familiar with your 3D software, you’ll begin building your vehicle. First you’ll block out its shapes using very simple geometry, then you’ll fill those shapes in with more and more detail. Now is the time to utilize those InsertMeshes you created in the previous lesson, so keep them in mind when adding details- they can greatly speed up your workflow. Finally you will create a turntable in your 3D software, so you can show off your model from every angle.
Lesson 4 – Rendering
This lesson will cover a few very important steps in making your vehicle feel realistic. First, Pablo will take you through Octane and its various tools. You’ll then learn how to create any materials you might need for your design, applying various effects and trying a few different looks. After this, you’ll light your vehicle and export it as a new turntable.
Lesson 5 – Paintover
This lesson is where all your work comes together- you will take your vehicle model and integrate it into a set of final paintings. This will involve first sketching out designs for your keyframes, then using a mix of 3D modeling, painting and photobashing to bring those frames to life.
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