[Learn Squared] Creature Design [ENG-RUS]

[Learn Squared] Creature Design [ENG-RUS]

Year of issue : 2018
Manufacturer : Learn Squared
Manufacturer website : https://www.learnsquared.com/courses/creature-design
Author : Milan Nikolic
Duration : 05 hours 33 minutes
Handout Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian, English
Description : Introduction
This course will focus on the design of fantasy creatures for films and video games under the guidance of professional artist Milan Nikolic.
We’ll start by examining the anatomy of bipedal and multi-legged fanatical creatures.
Let’s figure out the design principles in accordance with which their form is built
We will study the principles of sculpting in ZBrush and 3D Coat, select an expressive pose, professionally prepare models for a presentation.
Tools and workflow
With Milan’s guidance, you will explore an approach to building a professional workflow, learn how to choose the right reference, master the 3D Coat and ZBrush tools, and set a dynamic pose for your model.
Design planning and development
At this stage, we will deal with the direct design of your creature. Let’s start by sculpting a rough sketch of the model, and we’ll use the references we’ve collected to work out the most important design elements.
The detail that will be created at this stage will be especially important during the texturing stage.
Adding materials and texturing
In this step, you will see how to make your model more lively, we will create realistic and colorful textures. You will learn to use the tools and master the 3D painting techniques in 3D Coat.
You will learn how to create a base rendering of your model, prepare for the final render.
Final render and presentation of the model
In this step, you will learn how to create the most effective visualization of your being.
You will see how the process of rendering post-processing in Photoshop is carried out, you will learn the most important nuances of preparing and conducting a presentation.

Week 01- Tool and Workflow
Week 02 – Planning and Design Development
Week 03 – Shading and Texturing
Week 04 – Polishing and Final Presentation


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