• July 30, 2021

Krita Brushes

Looking for professional Krita brushes?

Our brushkit comes with:

Over 100 professional-grade presets
Lifetime free updates
Exclusive tutorials – our learning material will help you get the most out of your favorite drawing program 🙂
We create these presets together with Zhillustrator (landscape painter), Joshua Grier (concept artist), and Nathan from GDquest (teacher and Krita expert)

Krita Brushes for Illustrators and Concept Artists from GDQuest

By buying these brushes, you also fund Free Krita tutorials on the GDquest hannel!

Hobby version
126 unique brush presets
4 PDF files to help you get started with the brushes

Krita Brushes for Illustrators and Concept Artists from GDQuest
Update 16
26 new brushes designed by the professional landscape painter Zhillustrator and concept artist Joshua Grier
Complete redesign of the thumbnails, now split into 14 color-coded categories
Converted all the brushes to Krita 4
The bundle now works as a standalone package: it doesn’t rely on Krita’s default resources anymore

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