Kalacheva School, Veronica Kalacheva | Composition of power. Third stage (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Kalacheva School, Veronica Kalacheva | Composition of power. Third stage (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Veronica Kalacheva
Production: Kalacheva School
Genre: Drawing

“Composition of power. Third stage” is the long-awaited course by Veronica Kalacheva. The whole focus is on the compositional solution through color.
Color is a complex story about subtle nuances and contrasts. This is what this course is all about!
We try to think through the palette of the future work in advance and fill the shades with meaning.
– We learn not just to see color, but to understand how color attracts attention and keeps focus on itself. Let’s find out what “visual weight” is and what role it plays in composition.
– We train observation – we analyze contrasts and nuances using examples. We determine their influence on the final perception of the picture.
What you will learn on the course:
– Firstly, we will continue to apply the important aspects of composition already touched upon in the first two courses: form, integrity, scale.
– Secondly, let’s go deeper into color. We won’t talk about color theory or draw circles.
We will learn to consciously use it in our work. Let’s collect our own “library” of inspiring color combinations.
– Let’s talk about what means of expression can be used in the composition. Let’s figure out how to choose them and which ones are suitable for your idea? How not to take on everything at once? How to understand what you can refuse and what is key? Let’s analyze the works of the masters and take into account what is close to you.
Veronica about the secrets of the course:

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