Irina Shpakova | Waterfall (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Irina Shpakova | Waterfall (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Irina Shpakova
Genre: Drawing

This master class in painting is designed for beginners, people without any artistic skills.

The master class will be of interest to everyone:
– Who wants to learn the basics of painting
– Learn to draw
– Suitable for beginners!

We will need the following materials:
– paints: white, FC blue, red, dark yellow, medium lemon, grass green, natural Leningradskaya umber, ultramarine, indigo, kraplak, natural sienna, violet
– canvas 40*50, 40*60
– construction bristle brush
– Brush bristles number 8
– Synthetic round brush number 1 and 4
– Synthetic flat brush number 8
– Palette knife
– Thinner (usual: sunflower oil or tee or solvent)
– Rag
– Sponge
– Wet wipes

Duration: 01:39:03
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian
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