Hudozhnik Online, Olga Kabaeva | Nature in watercolor (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Hudozhnik Online, Olga Kabaeva | Nature in watercolor (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Olga Kabaeva
Production: Hudozhnik Online
Genre: Drawing

In order to draw nature, you don’t need to immerse yourself in the study of artistic theory, such as linear perspective.
During the lessons we will focus on compositional and technical techniques that will best reveal the theme of each landscape.
Olga will teach you how to select colors, show the depth of space and the state of nature, and realistically depict water, plants, clouds, stones and other textures.
Together with your teacher, you will create 9 practical works that will be as different as possible in mood and topic. Winter and summer, mountains and forests, bright sun and cloudy weather… After completing the course, you will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in real plein air conditions.
After a short theoretical lesson about materials, we will begin to practice and paint 9 works of varying complexity, from landscapes, most of which will be the sky (using such examples, students will practice wet fills), to realistic paintings using the glaze technique.
Olga Kabaeva selected references that differ in mood and atmosphere so that students have the opportunity to work with different types of composition and different color solutions. You will learn how to write winter or summer, a cloudy day and bright sun, highlights on the water and shadows from trees, and much, much more.
This course is suitable for watercolorists with different levels of experience: during the lessons we will focus on learning techniques and techniques that will be useful in the plein air, we will touch on the topic of light-air perspective and talk in great detail about working with color.

Duration: 15:52:27
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