Gumroad – Modeler 2020.1.6 for Houdini v18.x

Modeler 2020 is a plugin package for direct modeling in SideFX Houdini.

Main features:

1. Modeler state

Modeler is a standalone modeling environment, which allows you to use classic mesh modeling tools. You can quickly create models, UV maps and retopologize high-poly mesh just like in other modelers. Modeler has its own keyboard and mouse shortcuts system and uses an advanced Python states to interact with model faster.

2. Soft Boolean

Soft Boolean can create procedural models using boolean operations, but unlike the standard Boolean SOP, it creates soft transitions between the cutter and main geometry.

3. KitBash

The KitBash Python panel allows cataloging geometric data without saving them in separate files. KitBash can create subfolders and use models in the form of simple thumbnails.

4. Insert Mesh

Insert Mesh is an HDA node that allows embed parts of the geometry in any place using selected polygons. You can use this node in the Network Editor as usual, but the main feature is using it in conjunction with the KitBash Python panel. That means you can create your own sets of geometry parts in KitBash and insert them later in your model with Insert Mesh technology.

5. Radial Menus

Modeler has 14 radial menus for modeling toolsets. But unlike Houdini in Modeler radial menus work without limitations.

6. Python states wrapper

Modeler interactive tools system allows to create custom viewport states very quickly.

What’s new:

1. The Modeler core has been completely rewritten. Performance, stability and UX are improved.

2. A hotkey system has been created. Hotkeys are now configured in a separate editor (Hotkeys shelf tool). The editor allows you to quickly configure keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Unlike other modeling programs, you can now associate any tool with any combination of keys or mouse actions. In a similar way, the mouse and keyboard are configured in Nevercenter Silo, but unlike Silo, there are no restrictions here. That is, you can assign absolutely any tool to the mouse. On the other hand, mouse tools such as interactive selection can also be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. Also, unlike the standard Houdini behavior in Modeler, you can use the additional two mouse keys X1 and X2 (Ctrl+X1, Shift+Ctrl+X2 etc).