Grove 8 for Blender 2.8 (Link update)

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3D Tree growing software

Plugin for growing and animating trees in Blender.

Let nature take its course and grow natural trees for use in 3D visuals, art and film. Simulate the seasons by growing, bending and pruning in interactive steps. Watch your trees evolve year by year.

Mimic the character of any tree while staying true to nature. A single set of parameters defines your treeโ€™s life all the way from sapling to hero tree. This means that every branch from trunk to twig is treated equal, which causes the slightest change to resonate throughout your treeโ€™s spreading branches.

Control the flow of sugar and hormones to make your creation compete for light. Set up an an environment to attract, deflect, shade and block new growth. Nurture your tree like mother nature, or use prune tools to manually shape your tree.

Quick start your tree โ€“ Alder, Ash, Birch, Linden, Maple, Oak โ€“ 14 presets capture a variety of tree forms. Thousands of species are just a couple of tweaks away.

Build high quality models that are lightweight to render. The Groveโ€™s adaptive polygon reduction and unique twig system offer incredible detail, with very little impact on memory.

The Grove plays well with other 3D software, while integration with Blender adds the power of a full 3D application. It allows you to import twigs from you favorite modeler โ€“ and export trees to your favorite renderer. Blender is the ideal host for The Grove on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Get the Grove and you get in on the most natural and fun way of growing 3D trees.

Grow, bend, prune, simulate the seasons

Feature icon for Grow.


Let nature take its course and watch trees develop into beautiful shapes. Mimic any treeโ€™s character with intuitive parameters taken straight from the woods. Learn more

Feature icon for Bend.


Watch old branches bend under the weight they carry. The continuous interplay between bending down and growing upward is what creates some of the most beautiful tree shapes. Learn more

Feature icon for Prune.


Witness branches compete for light โ€“ drop them when too little is available. Evolve your trees into airy branching structures. Learn more

Feature icon for Flow.


Regulate growth by controlling the flow of sugars and hormones. Favor bright over dark, rising over dangling, and old over new. Learn more

Feature icon for React.


Set up an environment to attract, deflect or stop new growth. Avoid buildings, simulate a dominant wind direction and grow inside a shape. Learn more

Feature icon for Build.


Pull out all stops on detail. Let twigs take over the last branching generations. Build lightweight 3D tree models full of intricate berries and flowers. Learn more


Bring your trees to life with mesmerizing wind and rich data layers. Both flow fluently into an Alembic container.

Plugin for growing and animating trees in Blender.

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