• July 30, 2021

GRID 2in the game


Become first and then become famous and finally win the big prize of Bafta competitions. Experience an aggressive and insane racing with this version of the game with the support of TrueFeel کنترل control power. The next generation of EGO technology that we've seen in this game. The game's unique technology makes the physics and destruction very realistic, and that's all a gamer expects from a 2013 racing game.

In the GRID 2, you can mechanically strengthen the cars so that their handling is better and they give you a better feeling while driving. The Collision system in this game is incredible. This part is designed in such a way that the tire design of the cars stays well on the routes and you will see a change in the terrain in less than 100 seconds. The game environment is very changeable compared to cars. The design of the wheels can be seen in any part of the environment. You can go outside the main route and see this. The surroundings of Chicago and California are so beautiful and detailed that they easily fascinate you. By watching this game, you should forget what you remembered from the GRID series. In GRID 2, everything is designed from scratch and it really looks like a whole new game. Codemasters has designed this game in a wonderful way and we can already see the next generation of driving games.

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Description :

  • This game is played by the group as much as possible Blackbox Compressed.
  • This is a cracked group game Reloaded Is.
  • This game only includes English and other languages ​​have been removed.
  • Only the quality of the game's demos has decreased.
  • Iso file using software Build a virtual drive Mount and install.
  • Disable antivirus when installing.
  • To install DirectX software, go to the Redist folder and install the file
  • If the dll files are incorrect, go to the Redist folder and install the vcredist_x86.exe file.
  • In case of software dll file errors Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Install
  • Compressed files are tested and safe with the possibility of recovery.

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