getting started mm Volume Fracture 09 – Volume (Extra Setting)

mm Volume Fracture V 01.0 for Houdini 16 and up

You can create the Voronoi Fracture and drive it with the Volume (vdb), apply the noise (if you want) on it and control the position of it in the space XYZ (if you want).

Also you can:

Apply more details on cut edge like a noise/distortion.

Create a new smaller pieces inside your pieces based on the percentage of your original Voronoi Fracture.

*more important some of this features is not available or is limited in “Lite Version”.

**maybe this otl/hda works also with a different 3D Package with the engine like Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3DS Max, Unreal and Unity3D, but I don’t testing yet

Lite here
gumroad –
cubebrush –

Complete here
gumroad –
cubebrush –

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