Fracture-Iterator For Blender 2.9

Fracture-Iterator has been developed to help fracture simulation process. This addon let you control what part is breaking and when, all in a recursive process until you are satisfied. Simple to use, Fracture-Iterator is a 2 buttons addon.

What does it do?

-Break things with help of Blender internal Cell Fracture addon launched from the 1srt button.

-Enable dynamics on the fragments at the current frame, but keep previous dynamic ahead.

New in v1.2 :

-Break by loose parts. You can now precut your object so it break the way you want.

– Rigid Body “Animated” Keyframe trigger for selected objects. You can decide when your rigid bodies are enable in one clic.


-Enhance dynamics animations with iterative process

-Control breaking time and modify it all along the process

-Keep things dynamics all along

-Ability to bake everything to keyframe


Now works for 2.9 and 2.8 !

Scenes no need the addon installed to be opened . The addon is just necessary at animation time.

Upcoming features:

-Ability to break things with another tool than Cell Fracture (Done!)

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