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Forester For Cinema 4D
Forester Oak Tree

Forester is a plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D that provides tools for the creation of natural elements such as trees, plants, rocks, as well as their geological distribution over polygonal terrain. Forester is comprised of 4 modules, namely Forester Trees, Multiflora, MultiCloner and Forester Rock. Forester is one of the best and most successful Cinema 4D plugins because it offers a completely procedural solution to environment creation all within the familiar Cinema 4D workspace.

Following is a brief summary of the main features that each one of these modules provides. For a more detailed explanation, please visit the video documentation page for Forester for Cinema 4D. On that page, you will find an in-depth video detailing every parameter inside Forester.


Forester Trees Feature Overview


Fast Tree Creation

Forester’s streamlined workflow enables the user to create trees from scratch or start from a tree library item and end up with a beautiful tree in no time

Extensive Tree Library

Forester’s tree library is versatile enough to satisfy most needs. User created trees and plants can be saved into the Cinema 4D preset library for later use

Industry Leading Wind Effects

No other plant creation tool comes close to the realism and ease of use of the HyperWind technology that Forester offers for its trees and plants

View Forester Tree Library



MULTIFLORA Feature Overview


Procedural Plants

A procedural plant is an editable object that can be turned into an unlimited number of plants using specific parameters and rules. All Multiflora objects are parametric.

Extensive Plant Library

Multiflora comes with an extensive plant library ranging from grass, to wheat and flowers. Any plant imaginable can be created with Multiflora

HyperWind On Plants

Plants react to wind just as trees do, to create an immersive natural environment that just comes to life

View MultiFlora  Library


MULTICLONER Feature Overview


High Density Scatter

Scatter hundreds of thousands of objects with ease using Forester’s MultiCloner, combining ease of use with ultimate control

Geological Filtering

MultiCloner’s geological filtering rules allow for clones to be filtered according to slope, height, camera frustum, noise functions and weight maps

Sophisticated Distribution

MultiCloner’s distribution controls allow for artistic as well as realistic placement of clones. Even spacing and distribution bias give extra  control over clone arrangement


Forester Rocks Feature Overview

High Rez Procedural Rocks

Rocks are created as procedural objects with many functions to allow for realistic rock planting

Deformation Level Control

Rocks have 3 deformation levels, each providing a different noise pattern. User can use all 3 or a combination to achieve the desired effect

Seamless Texturing

Seamless textures are wrapped around the rock with no visible seams. Forester rock is providing the UVs for user-created seamless textures

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