Forest Pack 5.2 for 3ds Max 2010 – 2018

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Itoo Software has announced that Forest Pack Pro and Lite 5.2 are now available. This update includes several important fixes and improvements. Please see the release notes below for details. To download the installer, log into your User Panel and go to the My Products section.

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Full release notes:

-Improved Forest Effect to scatter items on displaced surfaces. The process is simplified and surfaces can now be any shape before being displaced.
-Fixed bug which would create duplicate names with imported library objects (in ‘forest_templates’ layer).
-Fixed warning error in Octane with disabled Forest objects.
-Fixed Areas->Paint tool when using large brush on detailed areas.
-Fixed bug updating first frame rendered by a node on Backburner jobs (Mental Ray only)
-Added General->Log Level. Setting it to Normal/Debug, Forest generates extra information while rendering. Max log file is stored at:
-Added log information when rendering with Mental Ray. Check it at “Rendering->Render Message Window”, or in Backburner logs.
-Fixed rare crash in V-Ray with Fake Shadows.
-Custom Edit uses local axis of each item, instead axis of the Forest object.
-Fixed updating issue with Forest Edge.
-Fixed crash on Max close.
-Added support for long paths in registry configuration values.
-Fixed errors in Corona material library.


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