By | September 20, 2022


Color the Iris, set its size, squeeze it if it’s a dragon eye, set depth for a fake refractive effect and amplify the translucency of the Iris.This shader is meant to fake the complex geometry of an eyeball.
  • no Textures needed
  • no UV-Maps needed


easy three color system


intuitive parameters for pattern adjustment

continous cat-eye effect

fake depth
fake caustics

iris/pupil: the radius relative to the eyeball surface in percent.

bump: bumpintensity of the iris-noisepattern.

vector: the space of the mapping. Input>TextureCoordinate>Object will direct the iris in z-direction of the object coordinates.

As the stretchvalue squeezes the eye, you can animate it to transform the pupil from round to slit, like a human transforming into a dragon.

The pupil is oriented into the Z-Axis of objectspace. So eyes will look “down” initially.