Dmitry Rosa | Sea and stars – mini-course (2021) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Dmitry Rosa | Sea and stars – mini-course (2021) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Dmitry Rosa
Genre: Drawing

How do you like the plot?

But there is no such lesson. More precisely, it was not until yesterday. And to be even more precise: now there is not a lesson, but a mini-course. Just don’t rush to scroll through the post, the price of the course will VERY pleasantly surprise you.

So, on June 14, I’m starting a course on this painting, it’s called “Sea and Stars.”
Here you will learn:

•Write a tilted ship in perspective (what a challenge!)
•Write a mirror image in water
•Realistic starry sky

⚠️ You can take the course with any skill level. Even if you have never held a brush in your hand, you can do it – tested by hundreds of students. Do you have any doubts? I believe in you, all you have to do is believe in yourself!)

•3 weeks of training
•Weekly analysis of all stages of painting
•Final analysis of the work
•Unlimited access to video lessons + ability to download
•Student chat for support and experience sharing

Duration: 02:05:24
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian
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