DECALmachine 1.8.6 works ONLY with Blender 2.8


quick and precise raycast-based Decal insertion

automatic material matching, parenting, normal transfer and collection creation

unlimited decal libraries + flexible asset loader layout

instant decal creation of all types

quickly adjust height, decal mesh or UV rotation and much more using the convenient modal adjust tool

enforce default settings scene-wide and change them quickly using the panel

use decals on flat surfaces and project them on curved surfaces

slice decal panel lines boolean-style

parallax adds convincing depth to normal mapped decals, now in real time utilizing Blender’s Eevee

retain sharp details at all scales, independent of texture resolution, via UV-less object based detailing

take advantage of decals being objects, by using modifiers like mirror

add Decals while editing groups in GroupPro

hide Decal materials (incl. in Batch Ops and Hard Ops) and textures

108 Decals included

best documentation in the business

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