Cycles 4D – New Features and Improvements: # 2 – Node Editor Improvements & New Principled Shader.

Cycles 4D – New Features and Improvements

# Node Editor Improvements & New Principled Shader.

Our Service Update 2 included many Node Editor improvements to speed up your workflow and introduces the brand New Principled Shader providing an all-in-one PBR node, making it compatible with other software such as Pixar’s Renderman® and Unreal Engine®

• Improved Node Layout
• Node List
• Principled Node
• Node Sorting
• Mute/Unmute Nodes
• Note Node
• Promote Ports of Node Group
• Customize Node Editor Layout
This is just one of the new features made available through our latest Service Update 22nd May, 2017. If you own Cycles 4D these features are already available to you, via the automatic update.

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Other New Features:

#1 – Cinema 4D Material Support.

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