Creating Cinematic Frames (Blender 2.9, Photoshop)

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Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : IAMAG Master Classes
Manufacturer website : https://videos.iamag.co/programs/tutorial-creating-cinematic-frames
Author : Jorge Barrero
Duration : 01:09:38
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Jorge Barrero is a Freelance concept artist working in Films and video games industry, He started his career as character artist and he has been working around 14 years in three different countries, Currently he works in different projects for companies such Nickelodeon, MPC, Wizard of the Coast, 2K games, EA, Netease, Volta.
In this exclusive video tutorial, including the ressources, you’ll learn how to create Cinematic Frames, from thumbnails, to 3D previz in Blender and refinement in Photoshop

1. Theory.mp4
2. Analysis.mp4
3. Building the Scene in 3D.mp4
4. Paintover.mp4


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Cinematic Frames in Blender 2.9

Cinematic Frames in Blender 2.9

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