CINEMA 4D Architecture Edition

Description : Here it is – a unique project of a new building. Now it remains only to transform the technical plan into attractive images to convince the customer. Architecture Edition based on CINEMA 4D Release 11 initially brings everything that is necessary for creating stunning architectural illustrations at the lowest cost. Import of data from leading CAD packages functions flawlessly. Numerous tools and libraries provide everything necessary for creating a picturesque environment for your project. In addition, the calculation of the image can be carried out in various ways. Either with the Sketch and Toon module, which produces images in the sketch style (which is especially suitable for preliminary sketches and presentations), or with Advanced Render, which with the help of natural light distribution by Radiosity (Global Illumination) manages to produce absolutely photorealistic images.

Extension Kit will turn your ordinary CINEMA 4D into the ultimate architectural visualization package!

  1. Plugins for data exchange in CAAD
  2. Virtual Walkthrough Plugin
  3. Material eXchange Plugin
  4. More than 300 pieces of furniture, etc.
  5. More than 400 materials
  6. Shift camera lens for line distortion correction
  7. A Handy Guide to Visualization Architecture
  8. Special program interface

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