[CGForge] Vex Foundations I & II

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : CGForge
Manufacturer website : https://www.cgforge.com/
Author : Tyler Bay
Length : 05:11:25
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Vex is a coding language native to Houdini, and with it, you can accomplish almost any task in VFX. This course aims to make the learning process easier by teaching the subject in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. To start things off, we’ll begin with a combination of theory and basic demonstration that carefully builds one idea on top of the next until you hold a deeper understanding on what’s going on.
Once this is established, we’ll then create a particle effect that utilizes vex in a practical way so that you can get an idea of how it applies to a production scenario. Finally, the last portion of the course is dedicated towards a wide variety of exercises that help you practice vex in a way that truly solidifies the main ideas and prepares you for more complex tasks in the future.

Vex Foundations 1
1. Vex Concepts
2.Geometry Components
3.Data Types
2. Basic Vex Theory
1.Variables & Attributes
2.User Parms
3.Functions I
4.Functions II
5.Functions III
3. Vex Applications
1.Basic Sim Setup
2.Troubleshooting Techniques
3.Referencing Vex Data
4.DOP Setup
5.Wrangles & Dops
6.Importing VOP Functions
7.Adding Curve Forces
8.Randomizing Collapse Effect
9.Finalizing the Effect
10.Creating a Normalized Radius
11.Troubleshooting II
12.Troubleshooting III
13.Shading & Rendering
4. Vex Practice
1.Practicing Vex
Vex Foundations 2
1.Vex Concepts
1.Conditional Statements
4.Arrays I
5.Arrays II
2.Free Lesson – Vex Concepts
ForEach Loop
For Loop
4.Vex Application
1.Project Overview & Setup
2.Conditionals & Grouping
3.Production Problem-solving
4.While-loop Strategies
5.Writing Out the Code
6.Particle Forces by Distance
7.Affecting Render Properties with Vex
8.Ice Cracks Algorithm
9.Ice Cracks Setup
10.Coding the Ice Effect
11.Limiting Growth
12.Generating Tubes
13.Emissive Edges
14.Rendering and Comp
5.Practice Exercises
Foundations II Exercises

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