[CGForge] Lsystems & Instancing

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : CGForge
Manufacturer website : https://www.cgforge.com/course/l-systems-and-instancing
Author : Tyler Bay
Length : 03:34:35
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : L-systems offer a way to procedurally model geometry. If you’ve ever wanted to create foliage, complex fractal geometry, or spline-based models from scratch, then L-systems offers you a way of doing so through understanding it’s own language.
In addition to L-systems, you’ll learn more about instancing and how to work efficiently with Houdini. We’ll be rendering out millions of polygons with both Mantra and Redshift while aiming to optimize render times as much as possible. These optimizations are applicable across a wide variety of 3D topics.

1.Introduction to L-Systems
2.L-System Basics
3.Edge Re-writing
2. L-Systems Continued
1.Nodal Re-writing
2.Branching, Probability, & Constraints
3.Random Rotation & a Practical Example
4.Gravity, Scaling, & Stamping
5.Probability & Stamping to Points
3. Aspen Tree L-System
1.Analyzing Reference
2.Refining the Trunk Shape
3.Masking Height and Branch Placement
4.Building the Branches
4. Packed Geometry and VOPs
1.Packed Primitives
2.Instancing Leaves
3.Instancing Multiple Packed Iterations
4.Using VOPs to Alter Instances
5. Materials and Procedural UVs
1.Assigning Materials to Multiple Packed Objects
2.Troubleshooting Packed Geometry
3.How to UV Tree Trunks
4.How to Procedurally UV Branches
5.Mantra, Materials, & Instance Masking
6. Scene Optimizations Mantra and Redshift
1.Packed Edit & Performance Considerations
2.Scene Optimization & Primitive Groups
3.Material Stylesheets
4.Preparing Geo for Redshift
5.Point Instancing with Redshift
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