Car-Rig Pro “Blender Kit” Blender Addon

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CAR-RIG PRO 2.1 allows you to rig any type of vehicle with four wheels ex: weight heavy, city car, race car etc …“Car-Rig Pro” is the easiest and fastest rig system to install, it is optimized to save you time.

Car-Rig Pro is the only Rig that offers automatic centrifugal force, automatic drift, automatic steering wheel, automatic terrain detection and tilt, so you don’t have to make any effort for animation. Manual controls allow the user to adjust these settings if necessary. The editable terrain as well as the procedural texture allow you to quickly edit several types of terrain or road. With version 2.1 you can choose between two types of suspension, Dependent or Independent. Bones for shock absorbers and drive axis are also available. And to make sure you don’t forget anything, a lighting system including the main lights is available. The braking system is hyperrealistic, press the brake and the brake light will come on automatically. Car-Rig Pro is available in two versions ( Optimized or Lite ), make sure you choose the version that suits your needs.

A test version is now available for only 1$, this version gives you an overview of 30% of the possibilities of the rig, so you can choose to get the full version after this test.

Find inspiration in this video of the competition made by “Andrey Lebrov” to create your animation.



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