Capture One 23 Pro For Mac

Capture One 23 Pro

Publication type: macOS Software
The release took place: 07.11.2023
Supported OS: macOS 10.15.0+
Developer: © 2023 Phase One
Developer’s website: link

Interface language: Russian, English, German, etc.
* application interface language depends on the default language of the operating system

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been disinfected)

System requirements:

    • Intel® Core™ i3 (1st generation)
    • 8 GB of RAM
    • 10 GB of free hard disk space
    • Calibrated monitor with 1280×800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi
    • macOS 10.15
    • Internet connection to run Capture One Live

Capture One Pro is one of the most powerful professional digital photo converters in RAW format with support for a wide range of modern cameras. The program allows, in single and batch modes, to convert files on the fly into full-size TIFF (RGB / CMYK) and JPG formats, adjust white balance, effectively process “overexposed” and “underexposed” images, fine-tune the sharpness of the image and eliminate color noise.
Capture One allows you to make multiple adjustments to the same image. The original RAW is used as a template, not the result of previous adjustments. The work area is divided into several areas. Their number is equal to the number of processing options for the original digital negative. White balance is adjusted using the color temperature and hue controls. In addition, it is possible to select scene programs, traditional for many cameras. You can also use a pipette. The photograph indicates a neutral gray point, from which the white balance is built.

The program allows you to optimize the dynamic range. If there are too dark or light areas in the photo, they can be developed by restoring shadows and highlights. You can turn the backlighting of highlights and shadows on or off. Removing noise from photographs is carried out in two directions. You can suppress grain and color noise. Capture One Pro has always distinguished itself from its competitors with a unique algorithm for sharpening images. Photos converted with this RAW converter look slightly sharper than those of its competitors.

Capture One Pro is designed to be all-in-one, reducing the need for post-processing, which in practice means you don’t have to use Photoshop to process your photos. Simple tools, simple menus and clear symbols make the complex process of processing RAW files simple, intuitive and effortless.

What’s New
Version 16.3:
• Release notes are available here


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