Brave Browser 1.59.117 [Multi/Ru]

Brave Browser 1.59.117 [Multi/Ru]

Program version: 1.59.117
Official site: Brave Software Inc.
Interface language: Russian, English and others

Treatment: not required

System requirements:

  • Windows 10 | 11 (x86/x64)

Brave is a secure Chromium-based web browser built on the principles of blocking annoying ads and preventing activity monitoring by intrusive ad trackers. Enjoy a faster, more enjoyable browsing experience without annoying adware or intrusive trackers using the beautiful and intuitive Brave browser.

Unique advertising replacement technology
The highlight of the application is the system that is used to block advertisements on websites. To be more specific, the app replaces pop-ups with smaller, anonymous ads that appear in fixed locations on the screen.

The main benefit of eliminating pop-ups is the fact that they are filtered and your personal data is not extracted. This way, you may notice how the pages you visit load faster.

Safe surfing the Internet
In addition to blocking ads, the browser also effectively blocks third-party trackers and infected online ads (malvertisement). With HTTPS Everywhere, data packets sent to websites are encrypted, so your personal information remains secure.

A secure browser with great potential
Overall, Brave is on the right track in terms of blocking annoying ads and protecting personal data. If you value privacy more than other criteria when surfing the Internet, be sure to try this browser.


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