Blendermarket – Quadwrap v1.1 and Mesh Materializer v0.0.16

Quadwrap v1.1

When working with organic models, manually creating quads for that shape can be very time consuming. Thankfully, this tool can create & wrap quads around your mesh without effort.


Click & drag Feature
Easy control over edge loops
Instant End Cap Filling
Simplified UI
Fast configuration
Automatic Edge loop Bridging
Dynamic Hotkey Help panel

Mesh Materializer v0.0.16

Apply source objects onto a target object either by face or whole object selection, or an optional paint mode. A new object is then created.
Source object UVs and materials are transferred to the newly created object.
Newly created object can be added to again and again.
Remove parts of the created object with a delete mode.
Clean up tools are then available for the created object, such as:
Dissolve cuts made by the target object.
Removing unwanted sliced objects.
Filling holes made by the cuts.
Add multiple source objects to create random checker or brick patterns.
Control object offset, scale and rotation.
Randomize object offset scale and rotation.
Optionally maintain the proportions of the original object.
Align a source object to either the target object’s normals or a custom normal. Useful for mapping trees.
Automatic addition of an Edge Split modifier that can help tidy the resulting mesh.
Mesh created is a standard Blender object that can be edited or exported afterwards.
Potential retopology use by mapping a flat plane onto a target object.
Potential use of applying object decals.





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