Blender Scatter 2.8x-2.9x

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The standard scattering tool we all want in Blender, including the right features that turn the creative process into a prowess. In order to streamline your workflow, we created the Presets ; you can count on them to achieve more in one click.

The elemental power of Scatter takes the form of well-balanced, premade ecosystems that embrace specific atmospheres. We proudly call them โ€œBiomesโ€. It is like magic: select the Biome that fits with the mood of your project and build outstanding scenes in a matter of seconds.

Shaping a terrain with precision is a key focus, therefore we decided to craft a non-destructive, powerful Mask Workflow: you can now influence specific areas of your terrain. Add as many masks as you want, navigate through them like modifiers, tweak them without losing any data ; letโ€™s start masking.

Scatter wants you to deliver at your best: Lodify (the LOD system we provide for free here) allows to save critical resources by managing polycounts easily. Scatter is equipped with various security features that will prevent your computer from crashing, in addition to that, Scatter provides masks to display particles only where it’s visible.

Here's Some Features

Easy and Fast Scattering
Select your assets, choose your distribution preset (that you can customize) and just click on “Scatter”. Who told you that laziness was a bad thing?
One-Click Ecosystem
Scatter dispose of a customizable and growing library of assets and ecosystems called biomes, creating a lawn has never been that easy in blender.
Innovative LOD’s
With Lodify, you can manage and create multiple level of detail and proxies for your meshes that will dynamically change from render to viewport.
Curvature Mask
The curvature mask will highlight concave or convex areas for your distribution. Creating a complex good looking landscape with Scatter is a breeze.
Slope Mask
Non-destructive particle distribution from your terrain slope is just a must-have. That’s why we bring it within Scatter vertex-group mask workflow.
Orientation Mask
One of the most exotic masks Scatter has to offer! Trees and plants typically grow where the sun shine, the slope orientation mask will target slope facing the desired orientation.


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