Blender Market – Tree And Grass Library Botaniq v6.4.0 Full

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NEW RELEASE: 2021/10/12: botaniq 6.4 Added Length vertex group, more complex particle system presets, operator to add selected objects to an active particle system, exposed seed value in botaniq UI, vines functionality to make the stem thicker or thinner, operator to change Display Type for all selected botaniq particle systems, operator to spawn base material with the particle system, loopable animations, operator to control the brightness of linked assets, 55 new assets (Cortaderia-Selloana (6), Mushrooms (9), Aplysina fistularis (4), Corylus shrub (6), Hibiscus (3), Pinecones (5), Rosebush (6), Rose (3), Branches and twigs (7), Leaves (6)) 10 new scatter presets (Autumn leaves, Cut grass, Desert, Coniferous forest debris, Deciduous forest debris, Mixed forest debris, Mushrooms, Coast rocks), Improved botaniq scatter search bar, Improved albedo values, Fixed 6.3 bugs


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