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Blender Marketplace – Bundle 2 June 2020

Khaos Ultimate Explosion Add-OnAvailable now for Blender 2.82 Mantaflow! Important: Mantaflow in 2.83 appears to have glitches. Do not use it for simulation yet.The “Khaos”...

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Bundle 2 June 2020

Includes:Ancient Environment.rar Blacksmith Forge.rar Character Customizer City Trash and Waste Set 4.12 – Interactive Tree Creator.rar Livingroom Vol. 1 by Unimodels.rar Middle Eastern Village 4.16 – 4.23.7z Old Town...

3D Scan Store – Gorilla Écorché

Info: Our Gorilla Ecorche model has been skilfully sculpted by animal anatomy expert Gael Kerchenbaum. Featuring a highly accurate 3d scanned skull and anatomically correct...

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