ArtStation Marketplace – ZBrush/SP – 20 Wood Brushes/Alphas Vol.1

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This is a set of 256 SF trim brushes for ZBrush, all brushes use 2048×2048 16bit alphas and PSD, Tiff, Jpeg alphas are also included. These brushes will also be able to be used in Substance painter in the close future, customers will get access to this automatically and will receive an email about it.


– 256 ZBrush brushes.
– PSD, Tiff, Jpeg alphas.
– All alphas 2048×2048 – 16bit.


– ZBrush brushes work with version 4r8 p2 and up.

– If you for some reason can’t update to the necessary ZBrush version
you can add the alphas to a brush in your version of ZBrush and still use the brushes.

– I find it easier and faster to just add one of the brushes, then import the PSD
alphas and switch between the alphas rather then the brushes.

– There are brushes that are variations of one brush which is why there is such a large amount of brushes, to see the whole library of brushes go to –

– Some brushes are highly detailed and will require a high poly count to
catch all the details.

– Info about brush names, JRO is a short for Jonas Ronnegard and is added to make it easier to find my brushes, at the end of a brush it can say in or out, in means that the alpha is meant to push into the mesh and out means it’s supposed to push out of the mesh.




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