archoncad – Vectorworks Foundation 2019

The purpose of this course is to teach you the basic concepts of Vectorworks. It is always tempting to try to avoid these basic concepts, but these are the ones that make you truly effective at Vectorworks. It is tempting to try and avoid this course and go to a more advanced one, but that is a mistake. This is the course you need if you really want to use Vectorworks effectively. It is important therefore to work through all the movies and exercises. You may not understand why you are learning a specific technique – but trust me – to use Vectorworks effectively you will need to learn that technique. I know that you want to make progress as soon as possible – I want that too! I have taught thousands of people to use Vectorworks effectively using the manual that this course is based upon. They have become very effective at using Vectorworks because they worked through all the exercises.

Course outline:

Module 1 – Introduction to Vectorworks

Module 2 – Introduction to 3D Modeling

Module 3 – Creating Drawings

Module 4 – Drawing Buildings

Module 5 – Scheduling and Reporting

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